Asset Finance

It may not be financially viable to pay for business equipment outright, especially if existing cash flow is currently stretched. Luckily, asset finance has helped thousands of SMEs across the UK get the equipment they need immediately, at an affordable monthly cost, instead of the total sum upfront.


There are several benefits of asset finance for your business. Usually, it’s
easier to obtain asset finance than unsecured loans, for example. The fixed instalment plan included in asset finance facilities is also a major advantage for your business, as it allows you to manage cash flow easier and budget accordingly.




The types of asset finance we offer are:


Finance lease – the cost and VAT is spread throughout the term and equipment is handed back at end of lease.


Hire purchase – 100% VAT is paid upfront, and equipment is available at end of term for a one-off payment.


Sale & Leaseback -This facility allows an asset recently purchased(usually within 3 months of purchase) and finance free, to be sold by your business to a funder, and then leased back to your business for a fixed
monthly cost.

Asset Re-Finance – This facility is an incredibly useful tool that enables your business to free up equity held within fixed assets yours business owns such as machinery and equipment. 


At Business Finance UK, we have access to facilities from 12 – 72 months with amounts available from £10,000 to £3,000,000. Fill in the application form to get started today.